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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Dr. W. H. Donovan
The success of Dr. W. H. Donovan has inspired the Alumni Editor to relate the secret of his
success in the pages of this book. He attended St. Ambrose in 1901 and 1902, when he graduated
from the Academic Department. After that, he studied medicine at the State University of Iowa
and finished that course in 1907. After two years of post-graduate work he took up the practice
of medicine in Iowa City, where he is now located. Dr. Donovan is an excellent surgeon and now
has under his control the fourth and fifth floors of Mercy Hospital in the University City. He
also has his own operating rooms and all the efficient hospital facilities that go to make up the
practice and necessities of a reliable doctor.
Dr. Donovan took his helpmate in life shortly after his practice became pressing. He found
that for his business and his amount of practice, it was essential that he have a partner for life.
He now has three children, all hoping some day to aspire to the success of their father. We
hope that they succeed as well as he has and that they do credit to their respective schools
as the doctor has done St. Ambrose.
St. Ambrose is proud to point to Dr. Donovan as one of her loyal and successful sons, and
takes this means to show her appreciation of him. She also wishes him the best of luck and
happiness in the future.
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