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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Rev. L. A. Kerrigan
Among the prominent young Alumni, Rev. Leo A. Kerrigan stands out as a model to all
aspirants to the priesthood as being successful ere the consecrating oils are hardly dry upon his
hands. Rev. Kerrigan graduated from the Collegiate Department in 1914. The ensuing school
year he took up his ecclesiastical studies at St. Mary's University, where he was ordained in the
spring of 1918. The following term he was appointed a member of the faculty of St. Ambrose
College, where he made many friends among the students of that year who will remember
him as being one of the greatest and most revered teachers we have ever had. Perhaps
we would never have been given a chance to know him so intimately as we do had it not been
for the "Fight for Democracy" that was then raging. He was called here to fill the place of
others who left to join the ranks. When they returned, he was transferred to the assistant
pastorate of St. Patrick's, Iowa City. During the past two years of his duties at St. Patrick's
he has built up a host of friends among the students of St. Patrick's High School and the people
of the surrounding community. Father Kerrigan is Director of Athletics at the aforesaid school,
and the members of his teams are ready, constantly, to do his bidding and follow his advice. He
knows athletics, too, having starred on the varsity here during his school days.
Father Kerrigan was born and raised in the city of Davenport. He spent his school days
surrounded by St. Ambrose College. Perhaps that is why we feel him just a little bit nearer to
us than some whose success wre have realized and recorded in the pages of this book. May he
ever continue to be near us and in front when St. Ambrose needs a boost. May he always consider of us as we consider of him, a loyal, faithful, and true son of his Alma Mater.
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