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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Dr. C. E. Glynn
In selecting Dr. C. E. Glynn as a man of whom St. Ambrose may be justly proud, we feel
that we cannot do our duty in showing our appreciation of him and of his success in life since
he left his Alma Mater.
Dr. Glynn was a member of the class of '96. After his graduation he was compelled to discontinue his school work for a short time on account of illness. He again took up his studies
at the University of Illinois and graduated from the Department of Medicine of Physicians and
Surgeons in 1902. He immediately began to build up his practice in Davenport, at which place
he still remains. He was appointed Medical Director of the Guaranty Life Insurance Company
in 1902, which office he still holds.
The Davenport Hospital was founded by Dr. Glynn in 1909. Finding that the Hospital was
not capable of accommodating his immense practice, and wanting to give the people who came
to him the best, he took up an advanced course in Medicine and Surgery at the New York
Post-Graduate School. From here he graduated with high honors in 1915.
When the call to the colors came and he heard the bugle calling him to the service of his
country, he joined the army. Being a man of exceptional skill along the lines of medicine and
surgery, he was appointed to the rank of Captain and later to the office of Head Surgeon at the
Camp Dodge Base Hospital. He was given an honorable discharge in the month of June, 1919,
having completed a work of which he and all who know him, including St. Ambrose, may point
to with pride.
Now, that the world is trying to get back to normal times, Dr. Glynn is again at his post. In
recent years his practice became so strenuous that he was compelled to seek the assistance of twro
assistant doctors with whom he is now connected in the firm of Glynn, Myers & Folks, and can
be found in Room 601, Kahl Building.
We take this occasion to wish Dr. Glynn many more years of success and the best of luck.
He has been our friend, and we wish to be his.
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