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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Rev. M. J. Hannon
We mention the name and record and deeds of Rev. M. J. Hannon because of the great work
he has accomplished as a pastor and on account of his association as an intimate friend of the
College. He is a brother of the Rev. W. L. Hannon, President of St. Ambrose, and a close friend
of every member of the faculty and the students, and for his great interest in athletics the visits
every member of the faculty and the students, and for his great interest in athletics the visits
that are made by him here are eagerly awaited. Baseball is Father Hannon's favorite, he having
been a celebrated pitcher in his college days. Even now he never misses an opportunity to
see a game.
Rev. Maurice Hannon graduated from the Collegiate Department of St. Ambrose in 1906.
After his graduation he pursued his theological studies at Kenrick Seminary, Webster Groves,
Missouri, where he was ordained in 1909. Immediately after his ordination he was appointed
assistant pastor of St. Mary's, Davenport, where he remained until 1913, when he was transferred to Grinnell at which place he is now located. During his pastorate there the parish has flourished and risen from one of the smallest to one of the most prominent in the
diocese. He is contemplating building a fine church and school, and his present property is free
from debt. Another great victory which was recently realized is the new hospital which has
been erected in the city of Grinnell. It was a long, hard fight, but it took such a man as Father
Hannon to gain the end for which he had set out. After his many trials and tribulations at
the one time unknown parish, he has emerged the conqueror, and the good people of Grinnell
look up to him in that respect. He is a strong believer in the old proverb, "If at first you don't
succeed, try, try again".
St. Ambrose realizes the success of Father Hannon and takes this means to show it. His Alma
Mater knows that he has had many worries and undertakings. Now, that he is on the road to
imperishable success, she wishes to congratulate him for his good work and for his loyalty as
one of her sons.
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