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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Rev. Daniel F. Mulvihill
The energetic and successful Rev. Daniel F. Mulvihill left the portals of St. Ambrose as a
professor in 1888. He was assigned to the pastorate of Williamsburg, Iowa, and after spending
an uneventful ten months there was moved to Adair, where he spent eight years. During his
pastorate there he founded the new parish of Casey and when he left these two places they
were in a flourishing condition and entirely free from debt. After Father Mulvihill left Adair
he became pastor of a newly founded parish in Des Moines, now known as St. John's. When he
arrived there, there was no organization, no property, no funds, and the few people of the young
parish were without a wall to help and, consequently, a great burden fell on the shoulders of
him who was to do so much for them. He bought property, built a parish house and a
combination school and church entirely on borrowed capital. He met with great opposition on
arrived there was no organization, no property, no funds, and the few people of the young
the year 1919, his parishoners started a campaign to pay off the mortgage, which was done in
March, 1920, much to the joy of the congregation and to the heart of Father Mulvihill. When
he left St. John's, last August, to assume the Presidency of Des Moines Catholic College, the
value of St. John's was $200,000. Indeed we must give him a word of thanks and appreciation
for the great work he has carried on thus far. Father Mulvihill was appointed to the Presidency
of Des Moines Catholic College last August, and, although he has not been there very long,
indications seem to point to the fact that if the Des Moines College is left under his guidance, the
time will soon come when it will be looked up to as one of the greatest educational institutions
in Iowa.
Father Mulvihill has had a long, hard, up-hill fight, but he is the victor. The esteem in which
he is held by the people of Des Moines could best be gathered from an excerpt from a Des
Moines paper. Space will not permit that to be printed, but we assure you it is a tribute of
the highest kind, and the kind that only those truly deserving of it can attain. St. Ambrose
holds that same kind of good will towards him who has cast so many truly great reflections
on his Alma Mater.
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