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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Midget Basket Ball
This year the Midgets defeated every team that came their way. The "Y" Leaders,
Clinton "Y", Rock Island "Y", Lincoln School, Rock Island, and Sacred Heart
School of Moline, all proved to be easy prey for the "Little Ambrosians". They carried themselves from the lower grades to the higher when they defeated the Annawan
High School team by the score of 22 to 13. This was the first High School team that
the Midgets ever stood up against and in this battle they proved to the fans that they
were ready for the best of them. Annawan won second place in the District Tournament this year, so this victory is something of which to be justly proud.
Although the team is picked from the smaller students of the lower classes, Father
Adrian, the Midget coach, never hesitated in scheduling games with any quintettes because of their weight or ability. He depended upon the speed, skill, and coolness,
which he instilled into his proteges, to win their games, and as can be seen by their
enviable record, his confidence in his "men" was rewarded. Besides living up to the
reputation which they established in the last few years, the Midget Basket Ball five
of 1921 set up a new record by winning every game.
A few years ago the Midgets were merely a bunch of unknown kids, but today they
are recognized all over the Tri-Cities and surrounding community. They excelled
in every department of the game. Their passing and dribbling was nearly perfect, their
shooting eyes keen, and their team work all that could be expected. Midget teams
have passed on into history and new Midget teams are still in the making, but as we
pass on our way we must not forget the achievements of the "Midgets of '21".
Midgets 12 St. Patrick's, Iowa City 4
Midgets 46 Lincoln School, Rock Island 1
Midgets 30 Rock Island "Y" 8
Midgets 26 Day Dodger League Stars 8
Midgets 41 Lyons Boy Scouts 10
Midgets 30 Rock Island Boy Scouts No. 22 5
Midgets 52 East Moline Lightweights 0
Midgets 47 East Moline Heavyweights 3
Midgets 52 Delmar Parochial 1
Midgets 12 East Moline "Y" Lightweights 12
Midgets 19 East Moline "Y" Heavyweights 17
Midgets 20 St. Patrick's, Iowa City 10
Midgets 21 Rock Island 12th Street Athletic Club 12
Midgets 25 Rock Island Cubs 11
Midgets 20 Davenport "Y" Leaders 17
Midgets 22 Annawan High School 13
Midgets 36 Federal Juniors, Moline 8
Midgets 23 "Y" Juniors, Clinton 7
Midgets 35 Sacred Heart, Davenport 1
Midgets 15 "Y" Juniors, Clinton 9
Midgets 14 St. Mary's, Clinton 4
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