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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Varsity Basket Ball
"Let's go" were the words expressing the opinion of Coach Devlin as he gazed upon
the material assembled on the gym floor for the initial workout of the basket ball season. Hard work was necessary and work they did. Nothing but hard work attained
the laurels which are due to the men who upheld the college colors in this strenuous
indoor sport. It is true that they were defeated more than once but looking at the
records of the teams performing this feat there is no cause for criticism or reproach.
Oswego, who demonstated to the entire country that there was no argument of
superiority while they were within hearing distance, performed the trick twice. The
Muscatine K. C.'s were taken into camp twice but succeeded in winning the first contest. This stage of the season found the men unfamiliar with the little tricks of the
game known by individual members and unable to work in harmony. This characterized their playing in the earlier part of the season.
Towards the end of February the team found themselves in a pretty tight hole.
Nolan, the Captain, heralded as the best floor man in this vicinity, barring none, had
to be removed from the second Augustana game, because of an injury to his knee.
This accident proved more serious than was expected and the leader had to abandon
the game for the season. Green was substituted in the remaining games and along
with Woeber, ex-Junior star,' plugged the hole to the satisfaction of the backers of the
team. It was at this time that Fottral realized the position into which the team was
thrown and from then played like a whirlwind. Hogan, a new man at the game,
played as one would never expect. Gibson and DeClerk, guards, made it miserable for
any man attempting to advance the ball within range of the basket.
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