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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Varsity Football
After a two years lapse of activities on the gridiron owing to the woeful lack of
men, due to the conditions prevailing during and after the war, the reconstruction of
the varsity began. Shortly after school reopened in the fall, Coach Devlin issued a
call for candidates. He then displayed his skill as a leader. His keen eye, developed
by his own record in prior football combats, enabled him to select the best to be had for
his Alma Mater. By means of elimination a representative team soon took the field.
Owing to the fact that it was late in the summer months when the College
authorities decided to place a "Varsity" eleven upon the field, Fr. Barry, manager of
the Varsity teams, encountered great difficulties in securing games. The 1920 schedule
called for only six games but each of these was well worthy of mention. The first game
with Knox resulted in a scoreless tie. The Knox team was classed as one of the finest
College teams around these parts and a tie game with them was looked upon as a
victory by the Ambrosian followers.
The following Saturday the team journeyed to Fairfield where they defeated the
Parsons aggregation by the score of 6 to 0.
The Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy was the next to fall before the now
well-working machine. The score was 25 to 0. The Still College team was composed of former College and University stars and this victory was a great help to the
standing of the Devlinites.
The American School of Osteopathy of Kirksville, Mo., was the fourth team to
meet the Ambrosians. Kirksville's strong eleven was known throughout the country,
having defeated College teams in all parts of the surrounding states. The result of this
game was another scoreless tie.
Campion College of Prairie du Chien proved to be an easy victim for the Blue and
White. After winning all of their games earlier in the season they lost to St. Ambrose by the score of 27 to 7. Campion holds the honor of being the only eleven to
cross St. Ambrose's goal line throughout the season, scoring a lone touchdown with a
wonderful exhibition of the running forward pass. This victory gave St. Ambrose a
hold on the Midwest Catholic Conference Championship.
The following Saturday St. Ambrose ended their successful season in a fitting manner by defeating Ellsworth College by the score of 75 to 0.
Memories of the Varsity of 1920 will linger in the minds of their followers long.
When a team of this calibre can be put on the field the first year of the renewal of the
sport after a two years' absence, we have no fear of the years to follow.
St. Ambrose 0 Knox 0
St. Ambrose 25 Des Moines Still College 0
St. Ambrose 6 Parsons 0
St. Ambrose 0 American School of Osteopathy 0
St. Ambrose 27 Campion 7
St. Ambrose 75 Ellsworth 0
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