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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Dramatics 1921
At first things looked pretty dark—not even the sign of a play. But we are all
happy now for the faculty have dismantled their robe of grave seriousness and have
consented to let us have two plays before school's closing and what is more, Mrs.
Helena B. Churchill is with us again to give this work her direction.
The comedy, "In Walked Jimmy", written by M. Z. Jaffa, is first on the list. About
this play Samuel T. French says: "There is not a dull moment in any of the four acts.
The thing into which Jimmy walked was a broken down shoe factory, when the clerks
had all been fired and when the proprietor was in serious contemplation of suicide.
"Jimmy, nothing else but plain Jimmy, would have been a mysterious figure had it
not been for his matter-of-fact manner, his smile and his everlasting humanness. He
put the shoe business on its feet, won the heart of the girl clerk, saved her erring
brother from jail, escaped that place as a permanent boarding house himself, and foiled
the villain.
"Clean wholesome comedy with just a touch of human nature, just a dash of excitement and more than a little bit of true philosophy make 'In Walked Jimmy' one of
the most delightful of plays. The spirit of optimism, good cheer, and hearty laughter
dominates the play."
Commencement week called for something more serious and thus the selection of a
play was made difficult. However, after much deliberation the drama "Under Cover"
was chosen. As a modern play it ranks among the foremost. The story is of a detective who subjects himself to the suspicion of society and the unhealthy company of
thieves and smugglers that he may expose the crookedness of certain customhouse
officials. The play is full of thrills and offers ample room for the display of talent.
With many of the old members of the club back in their respective places and the
bright prospects in some of the new members the Dramatic Club of '21 should be the
outstanding light of any that our Alma Mater has ever had.
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