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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Vodo Club
Vaudeville of late has come to the front in America. A greater interest has been shown in the "lesser art" than in past years and the public
everywhere has shown itself strongly in its favor. The fact that the
students of St. Ambrose are fond of lighter diversion has been made
evident on more than one occasion. The movies too have shared the
popularity of vaudeville and for several years the faculty have done
their utmost to put before the student-body the very best in the cinema.
At times certain boys, whose ability was along musical lines, have volunteered to add to the motion-picture a little rag-time to enliven the
performance; but as this method was irregular, the happy idea took
birth in the mind of Fr. Mell Morrin to organize a committee which
should make it its duty to arrange suitable programs for "movie" performances. The idea took form and a body of men were appointed to
supervise the light entertainments. This body took the name of the
Vodo Club.
From the very first the Vodo Club was a complete success. Did they
prepare good programs? If excellent singing, boxing matches, playlets,
community songs, and humorous sketches were desired, the Vodo Club
more than fulfilled what was expected of it. Under the able supervision of Fr. Mell Morrin, who at all times showed a marked interest
in every entertainment, they prepared feature bills on every occasion.
Shortly before the Christmas Holidays a Yule-Tide program of unquestioned merit was presented to the students, with a huge Christmas
tree adding color to the stage effect. Again at the beginning of the
Lenten season Mr. Edw. Quinn, of grand opera fame, gave the students
a great treat when he rendered several choice selections. In fact, every
program had its outstanding feature and each was heartily enjoyed by
every student.
The members of this year's Vodo Club worked under the disadvantage of having no precedent and were forced to blaze their way into
popularity unheralded. To say that they have succeeded is putting it
mildly, for they made an instantaneous and lasting "hit". It is hoped
that the system may be continued and that during the next year the
"Vode" programs may gain ever more and greater laurels for themselves. Those who share in the praise due for this excellent work besides Fr. Mell Morrin are Chas. Costello, Lawrence Falvey, Edwin
West, Daniel Keeler, and John O'Donnell.
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