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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


In no other branch of student activities has such success been attained
as has followed the Dramatic Club from its very origin. For several
years this very much alive and energetic body has been advancing by
such leaps and bounds in the popularity of Tri-City theatre-goers that
whenever a play is presented at St. Ambrose there is sure to be a great
enthusiastic crowd gathered in the Dramatic Hall. Within the last
few years in particular, dramatics have reached a pinnacle never before
attained, in the excellent presentation of such popular and enlivening
comedy dramas as "Stop Thief", "A Pair of Sixes", "The Man on the
Box", "The Man of the Hour", and the "Fortune Hunter"; while
heavier plays such as "The Merchant of Venice" and "The Witching
Hour" have made lasting hits.
The Dramatic Club are very fortunate in having for their sponsor
Rev. J. P. Stahl, a dramatic critic of unquestioned merit. It is due to
his untiring efforts for the success of the Club, that Mrs. Helena B.
Churchill, one of the best of many instructors of public speaking in the
Tri-Cities, has been secured as coach for the casts of plays, during the
last three years, as well as instructor of the Public Speaking Class.
With due justice, it must be said that we owe much to these two people
for their efficient and capable supervision of Dramatics. The very best
of dramas and comedies handled in a highly polished manner have been
portrayed at St. Ambrose and always the master hand of a keen judge
of dramatic endeavor is to be seen in every detail.
A new supply of talent is developed each year, as graduation usually
robs the Club of its veteran stars. This, however, has proved rather an
asset than a liability, for it has inculcated a deep spirit of interest for
dramatic work among the student body. The fact that one of promise
may be chosen as a member of a play cast and admitted to membership
in the Club has brought the students to look on this field of work as one
full of possibilities for each and every one of them.
In conclusion we wish to say that we are proud of our Thespians.
On gridiron, diamond, and court, in debating, elocution, and oratory,
St. Ambrose is ever foremost; but in Dramatic Circles she towers head
and shoulders above them all. May the laurels of the Dramatic Club
increase until its name shall be a synonym for excellence in Dramatic
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