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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


The Ambrosian Music Club
"He raised a mortal to the skies;
She drew an Angel down."
—St. Cecelia—Dryden
Born in the heart of every man is the love of art and poetry. Painting and architecture appeal to his finer instincts, but music is an expression of his soul. Because of its
intangible charm and beauty, music will ever guide mankind of all ages, inspiring it to
heights that point heavenward.
The babbling brook, the twittering birds, and the murmuring trees of wild forests
give forth daily the music of nature, singing their songs of contentment and of thanksgiving to their Maker. How clearly does history show the influence of music on the
deeds of men. The martial strains of the distant band, leading the men to battle, urge
them onward, onward in their fight for life and liberty; and a plaintive strain will
touch a tender chord, perhaps the chord that directs the voice of conscience.
For the past three or four years the movement of a better understanding and knowledge of music has been current. Since its inception, this movement has spread rapidly,
and it is now general throughout the United States. While music is not regarded as
an essential in the daily curriculum, still it is very popular as an elective. Thus it
was in line with this movement that The Ambrosian Music Club was formed in 1920,
to promote an interest in the different branches of this art, and to advise the public of
the important part that it plays in the daily life at St. Ambrose.
Membership is eligible to the personnel of the orchestra, choir, and Glee Club. Its
representation in the Tri-City Musical Association and its affiliation with the state and
National Federation of Music Clubs entitles the Ambrosian Music Club to all the
benefits and privileges derived by such representation and affiliation. The club has
hitherto arranged monthly programs, enriched by contributions of the best artistic talent of the Tri-Cities, and has cordially invited the college students and the general
public to attend. The invitations have continued to be accepted with an eagerness that
betokens a genuine enjoyment of the entertainments offered.
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