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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Knights of Columbus
One of the biggest factors for uniting the students into the bonds
of good fellowship has been the relationship established by the brotherhood in the Knights of Columbus. Many of the men enjoy the
privilege of being members of this great organization, upon which
they pride themselves very much. For membership is an advantage
as well as a distinction.
Since it would be impossible to organize a council comprised of
students alone, the Knights of Columbus of the school are affiliated
with various councils, particularly Loras Council of Davenport. Permission is always given the students to attend all meetings, lectures,
initiations, social doings, and all other activities the councils of the
Tri-Cities offer during the year. The privileges of the K. of C.
home are enjoyed by the students on their free afternoons.
By being more intimately associated with each other through these
various means the students get to understand each other better and
therefore promote more harmony in the school.
Generally it is found that men attending a Catholic college are
most suitable candidates for admission into this, the largest Catholic
laymen's organization in the world. The Supreme Officers of the
order have expressed themselves on this issue many times, for they
realize that those who have secured their education in a Catholic
institution always are staunch professors and defenders of their faith
and are prepared at all times to enlighten any one on matters concerning their religion. The Knights of Columbus want these men,
and are ever desirous of having them within their ranks so that very
seldom is anyone of their caliber denied admission into the order. It
is the duty of the K. of C.'s of the school to offer to their less fortunate friends the invitation of entrance and if their candidacy is favorably passed upon, they are admitted. Rarely is an initiation held in
the Tri-Cities in which several St. Ambrose men do not seek admission to the order.
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