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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


The Arpas Club
Another new organization which had its birth during the school
year of 1920-1921 was the Arpas Club. Unwilling to be outdone by
their older brothers, the Freshmen took it upon themselves to take a
dip into the social whirl and forthwith brought into existence their
novel society. The Arpas Club became a reality shortly after the beginning of the second semester, when at a meeting of the members of
the class, Edward McGuire was elected First Verey, John O'Donnell,
Second Verey, John Collins, Third Verey, and Arthur Hickey, Es-
clavo. A constitution and by-laws were drawn up and plans made
to outdo the K. E. Club.
At the present time the Arpas Club bids fair to be a grand success.
Entertainments have been carried out successfully and meetings are
held weekly in the club room. The spirit of rivalry which permeated
its members is beginning to obtain fruit and lively competition has
arisen between the Arpas and the K. E. clubs. It is hoped, however,
that the two may be united at a grand gathering near the end of this
year and that a real college spirit can be shown.
The Arpas Club is a novel organization, for never yet has St.
Ambrose possessed anything like it. It has served to draw the Freshmen together as one man and to unite them in a fraternal body.
Usually there is a lack of concerted action among the yearling class,
but this is not the case at our college, for the Arpas has served to
bridge the gap of unacquaintanceship and make a firm body of loyal
Not only the present members of the Arpas Club hope for its reorganization, when they again gather in the college halls, but all
those who have seen the merit and worth of this body are unanimous
in wishing for future success. May it remain at St. Ambrose as a
true and loyal organization, ever the friend of all worthy enterprises
and the upholder of the ideals which every Catholic society should
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