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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


K. E. Club
The school year just past has been eventful for the deepening of
friendship and for the promotion of good-fellowship among the students. The reasons assigned for this brotherly spirit is the formation
of clubs, societies, and fraternities composed of college men. Of the
many organizations probably none has been more definitely useful
than the K. E. Club.
The concept of this club originated shortly after the commencement
of school, but its formal launching was deferred until several upper-
class men called an open meeting and put the proposition before those
in attendance. The specific purpose of the club was to promote a
better feeling among the college men, and to unite them to act collectively for their mutual best interests and for those of their Alma
Meetings are held on the Thursday of the first and third weeks of
each month. After the transaction of all current business the remainder of the evening is spent in social enjoyment. The worthy
lecturer always prepares something that is attractive—a boxing match,
"feed", smoke, or something else conducive toward creating a good
time. Theater parties, excursions, hikes, etc., are included in the
routine for the good of the order.
It is the ambition of the promoters of this organization that it do
not end its operations with the conclusion of the present term, but
that it be fostered anew next year. Societies of this kind are always
found to be beneficial. For, generally school life is rather monotonous, the daily grind becomes rather tedious, and every active student
demands some sort of diversion. Since all do not care to participate
in athletics, it is necessary that they indulge in activities of this nature to relieve the excessive strain of intense application to study.
Hence we have a number of social clubs at St. Ambrose which excellently fulfill this purpose.
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