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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Oh! That Laundry!
Oh, where are all those clothes
That mine were when I came?
Everybody answers,
And the answers are the same.
I sent them to THAT LAUNDRY
Just a week ago today;
M. C. must have them salted,
And I guess they're there to stay.
Our Suffragettes
"Mary Ann Jane" Murphy
"Maggie" Callahan
"Susie" Millet
"Sissie" Muttera
"Myrl" Skelley Suffragette Slogan—
"Mollie" Hannon "We want to wear
"Bernice" Vogt trousers."
"Florence" Gallagher
"Lizzie" Welsh
"Pussy" Morrin
"Biddy" Crimmins
Recipe for Victory
Place on the Gridiron a pint of Morrisey,
Together with a cup of Haley,
Then a pinch of Portel, and you shall see
The recipe for a great victory!
In Logic Class
Mikado—Do you call that sound
Logic ?
Mag—The sound's all there, but I
don't get the Logic.
The New Latin Verbs
Flunko, Flukere, Faculti, Flunctus
Ben Reidy and Joe Coughlin
Are good friends just now,
Tho' often they do quarrel,
And kick up quite a row.
One day in early April,
They had one of great big size,
But poor little Bennie was sorry,
And said he'd APOLOGIZE.
Sunny Jim is gone, the good old guy,
We ne'er shall see him more;
He used to spread it on right thick,
In the good old days of yore.
"Officer! Ring for the wagon!"
Old Sunny used to say,
And at last the wagon came,
And took poor Jimmy away.
Prof.—Did you study your lesson ?
Dad—Yes, I did.
Prof.—Well, it's a good thing you told
me, for I could never tell it by your
Nigger—Do you think Bill Schmidt
will pass this year?
Flattery—He will if he'll pay more
attention to his Academic Course and less
to his Correspondence Course.
Smarty—Why did they call a foul on
him? I didn't see any feathers.
Captain—Of course you didn't, you
mutt, this is a picked team,
Schmidt—Speaking of debts, how
much did Rome-o?
Cash—For what Juli-et, of course!




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