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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Prof.—Do you know anything about
this lesson?
Callahan—No, I do not!
Prof.—Then what do you know?
Dad—Say, do you know there's one
thing about Scoop that's peculiar?
What's that?
Dad—Why, he always takes a joke for
the purpose of working it off later as one
of his own.
Lawlor—Wake up, Portel! What's that
Portel—Ah! Go to sleep. It's the bed
Buff—If Tom Lawlor were ordained
for the Diocese of Florence, what would
he be called?
Mickie—Got me; I'm no Canon Law.
Buff—A Florence Priest.
Murphy—Did you hear the latest about
our four Prefects?
Jew—No, what is it?
Murphy—Meyer and Coughlin were up
and Roling out the Cash.
Jew—Good! But I know a better one
than that.
Murphy—Let's have it?
Jew—Cash Roling Coughlin in the
In Lent the Da-goes "fast."
For sore and aching feet use "Tiz."
Something we should not indulge in—
If Jew Shields ran for President,
would Al Vogt.
Dad—You love me, don't you Klise?
Klise—Oh, yes; I'm just crazy about
Fever—We knew you were crazy, but
we didn't know what it was about.
Prof, in Physics Class—Mr. Hannon,
did you look at this lesson?
Hannon—Yes, I did.
Prof.—I think you must have overlooked it.
Fever—Murphy had a runaway the
other day.
C. A. B.—Why, how was that?
Fever—His pony ran away and Father
Hauber caught it.
Callahan—Did you notice we've been
getting chicken feed for breakfast lately?
Klise—Yes; it must have been ordered
for the Young Ladies' Academy, and sent
up here by mistake.
Ty—Tub McDonnell is getting to
quite an old horse, isn't he?
Ty—He had a belt made to order
other day at a harness shop.
Flattery—Do you think that Nig)
will pursue his studies next year.
Schmidt—He ought to, as he will
catch up with them this year.
B is for Buff, as you all know,
U is for us in rain or in snow,
F is for first in the Cardinals' row,
F is for fast when I'm on the go!
D. Klise—What do you like most
this world, Furlong?
Furlong—An extra Apricot Pie.




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