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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Famous Men, Historical and Otherwise, at St. Ambrose
Sherlocko, the Monk ?????
Hank, the Hermit Boltenstern
Admiral Togo Metzger
Cy Morgan Morgan
Rip Van Winkle Michalek
Ziggy Simons
Ty Cobb N. Gallagher
Scoop, the Cub Reporter. . .M. Herrington
The One-eyed Wanderer Lawlor
The Patriarch of South Dakota. . Coughlin
Marty O'Toole O'Toole
The Wandering Jew Shields
Mutt and Jeff Brannen and Kuble
The Newlyweds Burke and Skelley
The Mikalo Cash
Chick Frazier Frazier
The Flying Dutchman Kautz
Jimmie Callahan Callahan
Casey F. Casey
Happy J. Gallagher
Cardinals. Van Waus, Meyer, Holz, Bissen
Cupid F. Murphy
A young man asked a maiden to wed;
In answer to him the young maiden said:
"Goto Papa!"
The young man knew her papa was dead;
He also knew the life he had led;
He therefore knew what she meant when
when she said: "Go to Papa!"
Farewell, boys of the lower class,
And those of ours who will not pass,
Right to the front,
Each to success,
We'll march on,
Each and every single one.
Leave the bone-heads there behind,
Lying upon the sands of time.
Wanted ! Wanted !
A prescription for getting fat.—Portel.
A new face for Fever Fitzpatrick. Any
kind will do.—Crowley.
My room back.—Morrin.
Cupid to leave me at once.—Skelley.
A new writing teacher.—The Penmanship Class.
Agents to sell my latest book, entitled,
"The Green Grass Grew All Around."—
More music and vocal pupils.—John
Some one to part Burke and Skelley.—
Agents to sell my Correspondence
Course in Mathematics.—B. Meyer.
A date with Charity.—Bill Schmidt.
Some more Dedications to take place.—
The Choir.
Some corn bread.—Pat Herrington.
Another eye.—Tom Lawlor.
Nose specialist.—Welsh.
Furnished flat for two.—A. Burke.
A recipe for losing fat.—McDonnell.
Some one to sweep my room.—Klise.
Another cure for tonsilitis besides
Calomel and Pluto.—Dr. Rosenthal.
Smokeless smoking tobacco.—Morrin.
If C. A. B. were seen on the track,
would he be Roling?
Morrin's Favorite Motto—Drug Store
complexions cover a multitude of Freckles.
Five dollars reward for the arrest,
dead or alive, of the person or persons
caught stealing soap on the Third Floor.
(Signed) Harvey & Hank.
Now, if the corrector does not correct
correctly, he will be corrected and told to
be more correct in correcting things that
need correction.
(Signed) Correct Corrections.




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