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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


American. One of the electives; most popular with the members of the Wednesday
afternoon "Dramatic League."
Black List. A system of registration devised for the purpose of stimulating the imaginative activities of the prosaic student and encouraging his home correspondence.
Charity. Feminine noun. Proper name. (See B. S.'s card case for further information).
Crab. A man who drinks his coffee out of his saucer because there is only one handle on
the cup.
Commercial Study Hall. Combination of Agrestic students and preps.
Coffee. Inquire of "Flat" for prescription."
Ditch. Formula known only to old boys.
Dirty Five. An organization made up of ancient students; business unknown; meetings
held every evening and almost every minute of the day.
Dog. A gastronomic compound of high complexity, invented only by Davenport meat
Fire Escape. Used only by men of famous careers.
Florence. An indeclinable substantive; known to ex-students as well as present.
Flunked. An academic distinction conferred on students who have attained the 69th
degree of scholarship.
Fourth Floor. A home for the torso, conducted by Frs Hauber and Adrian upon strictly
humanitarian principles.
Hash. An agglomerate pertaining to College cuisine originating in the mysterious region known as the kitchen.
Hill. A meeting ground for those wishing to talk politics. Very smoky region. Cards
may be procured at the entrance.
Irish Village. Home of the serious and pious. History dates back to the twilight ol
Jiggers. A benevolent insect endowed with the instinct of being able to detect the
approach of a member of the faculty by day or night.
Jug. An institution whereby the faculty are enabled to prevent students from taking too
much fresh air.
Latin Study Hall. A small tribe ruled over by Chief Coughlin and Squaw Cash. Fair
ly civilized.
Library. A place for ancient newspapers and the latest books.




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