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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Praise also is due to the College Band and Orchestra, which supplied music between
acts. Mr. Rump and Mr. Michalek, the respective leaders, are to be congratulated on the
excellence of the work of their organizations.—Iowa Catholic Messenger, April 10, 1913.
Act I. Parlor at Mr. Jordan's. Act III. Scene 1—Garden at Jordan's.
Act II. Scene 1—Jordan's Dressing Room. Scene 2—Banquet Hall.
Scene 2—Reception Hall. Scene 3—Garden, same as Scene 1.
Cast of Characters
Mr. Jordan, ambitious to associate with "persons of distinction" G. Robinson
Old Mr. Jordan, his venerable uncle H. Shields
Cleon, a suitor for the hand of Lucille, daughter of old Mr. Jordan........ A. Fitzpatrick
Carcelle, his roguish valet J. Gallagher
Darimenes, the marquis, a nobleman of the very highest rank L. Murphy
Doronto, a count in reduced circumstances B. Reidy
Michael, a faithful but saucy serving man in the Jordan family J. Welsh
Professor of Philosophy L. Roling
Professor of Music M. Morrin
Professor of Dancing A. Vogt
Professor of Fencing J. Kerrigan
A Pupil of the Music Master A. Burke
A Tailor F. Simons
E. O'Connor
His Apprentices J. Morrow
M. Healey
The Mufti C. Portel
Dervishes, Turks, Pages, Footmen, Musicians and Dancers
DIAR Y—Continued.
12th. L. Callahan buys a manicure set, etc., etc.; Morrin persists in maintaining that
he will eventually learn to sing!
17th. Leo of the "burg" presses his suit, whilst McGinnis gets his annual shave.
20th. Speckled Light's team wins the pennant in "Checker League."
23rd. "Rosy" is carried to "Mercy!"
26th. "Buz" declared to be the winner of the first prize in the beauty show. Harry
Crimmins easily takes second money!
27th. Editors of the Ambrosian meet. Plans are made and routes are mapped out for
the long-distance run on the day of its publication.
Opening of the Annual Retreat.




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