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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


College Dramatic Society.
UNDOUBTEDLY the most popular organization of the institution is the College
Dramatic Society. It is composed of those among the students who are dramatically inclined and exhibit talents in that line. The aim of the society is to
present at least two production during the course of the year, the proceeds of
which are donated to the Athletic Association.
A thoroughly equipped and arranged Dramatic Hall on the third floor of the wing
recently added to the college buildings offer to the society splendid conveniences for
the presentation of plays.
On the eve of St. Ambrose day, "Facing the Music" was staged by a very able
cast of College Thespians.
Cletus Portel in the leading role of John Smith proved to be the hit of the evening.
His presence and the easy nonchalence with which he spoke his lines made a distinct
impression in the earlier acts. The exigencies of the plot later on enabled him to display real histrionic ability.
One of the factors that made the presentation such a distinct success was the fact
that four of the young men of the cast assumed feminine roles and all four achieved
excellent results. These young men were William P. Callahan, as "Nora," Mr. Smith's
wife; Michael Haley, as "Mrs. Ponting," the housekeeper; James Welsh, as "Mabel," a
curate's wife, and Gerald McLaughlin, as "Miss Fotheringay."
The make-up in each case was a triumph of theatrical skill and all four were accorded generous applause. Arthur Fitzpatrick, as Rev. John Smith, the curate, gave a
well sustained rendition of his role.
A delightful bit of characterization was that by Charles McDonnell of the portly Col.
Duncan Smith. The irresistable good spirits of Marvin Herrington, as Dick Desmond,
proved a real treat. The cast was ably completed by Lawrence Brannen as Sergeant
Duffell, a detective.
During the evening the College Orchestra, under the direction of Prof. Paarmann,
gave a delightful program of popular musical selections. Before the play Bernard Meyer
gave an oration on St. Ambrose, the patron saint of the institution, that showed the
results of much research, ease of style, presentation and composition.—Davenport Democrat, December 8, 1912.




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