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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Stadtrat Schoppler Clement Wagner
Polizeidiener Grausam William Schmidt
Magistratsdiener Bernard Meyer
Zulu-koenig William Kleffman
Carl Kautz, Rigobert Hellweg,
Zulu-neger Peter Bissen, Edw. O'Connor,
Adolph Peiffer, Edward Wehr
Krokodil Bernard Meyer
DIA R Y— Con tin ued.
7th. Gee! I'm glad to be here!
9th. Big Sale of Christmas Candies at the Athletic Store.
13th. "Astronomically speaking, this is the thirteenth day of the month."
19th. "Buff No. 2" sings.
20th. "Fever" appears without a sweater.
22nd. Something fell on the furnace roof.
"Pears are good from the can."
24th. Painful meeting: Prefect of D., fine fellow, razor strap, and strapping.
26th. Robinson receives three blue envelopes and a night telegram from the same place
"The question is: Is wimmen equal to men?"
27th. "Goat" Gallagher recovers from the effects of "Merchant's" feed.
31st. McDonald laughs his way out of The American.
Two roomers leave home to spend a few days with friends in
4th. Society Item:
Study Hall.
5th. Many pink letters received, but not by night system.
6th. Togo changes his sweater.
9th. Shields still pleads guilty of never having gone with a girl.
10th. B. Reidy sent out of Chemistry Class for acting like a kid. Toe much re-action.
11th. Hannon spends a dime; Schmidt earns a quarter; Jew talks half an hour over
the telephone with (?).




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