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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


The College Chapel Choir.
THE College Chapel Choir is one of the most essential organizations in the institution. By the chanting of those soul-elevating and heaven-inspiring strains,
it contributes its part to the pomp and solemnity of the ceremonies of the church.
The efforts of the members under the proficient direction of Rev. Father
Stahl have been concentrated on the study of the Gregorian chant, beautiful in its
simplicity and over-powering in its effect, yet always awe-inspiring and devout.
The Choir enjoyed the singular honor of singing at the dedication ceremonies of the
Pater Noster Chapel, a distinction which was looked upon with no little pride by the
members. The personnel follows:
Rev. Father Stahl, Director.
Harry B. Crimmins, Organist.
Mell Morrin First Tenor
Ambrose Burke First Tenor
George Potter First Tenor
James Welsh . Second Tenor
Leo Kerrigan Second Tenor
John Gallagher Second Tenor
John Michalek First Bass
Ernest Granquist First Bass
Lawrence Brannen Second Bass
Raymond Kuble Second Bass
German Literary Society.
TO assist and encourage students of German in the mastery of that language a German Literary and Debating Society, called the Bonifaciusverein, was founded five
years ago. This Verein meets every Sunday afternoon during the winter months
and all business is conducted in German. The programs are similar to those of the
English societies.
Each year the society prepares an entertainment for the public. Last year a four-
act farce was presented. The cast follows:
Kasperl Larifari Hubert Simons
Fraulein Blaustrump Peter Bissen
Gretl, seine Frau Charles Van Waus
Professor Gerstenzucker Edward Rosenthal
Burgomeister Zipielberger Louis Loehr




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