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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


To John E. Michalek, the well known violinist of St. Ambrose, as also to Director
Paarman, much credit is due for the exceptionally high standing of the orchestra, which
has made a record surpassing that of previous years.
Their musical contributions at lectures and college plays serve to keep interest
keenly aroused, as well as to afford pleasure to the musically inclined.
The following students are members:
James Welch First Violin
John Michalek First Violin
Leo Hannon First Violin
Charles Klise First Violin
James Donahue Second Violin
James Cahill Second Violin
Edward O'Toole Second Violin
Francis O'Toole Second Violin
Irenas Morgan Piccolo
Charles McDonnell Clarinet
Edward Rump First Cornet
Myrle Skelley Second Cornet
Thomas Lawlor Trombone
Raymond Kuble Traps
John Cash Bass
Harry Crimmins Piano
'To my notion Joe's
DIA R Y— Con tin ued.
7th. St. Ambrose Day. Big celebration. Everything "swell!"
9th. Rules for Basketball League given out. Schedule published.
team is the weakest."
10th. N. Gallagher appears with a new linen collar. Style: "The Florence!"
12th. "Ambrosian" Board meets in solemn conclave. Membership settled.
13th. "Tub" makes a hit with "Friends, Romans, Etc." (Mostly Etc.)
"Buff" in rebuttal: "Hon. Judges, there are only two sides to this question;
ours and the wrong one."
18th. Junior Class meeting. Cash and Ligutti orate: "To be or not to be a Junior,
that is the question."
Initiation of new members into the "Checker League."
20th. Pack! Get ready! Go! C, R. I. & P., or C, B. & Q.




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