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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


College Spirit!
WHAT is more essential to the success in any college than the generous and loyal
support of her student body! At the present time there is a growing need
of this spirit which serves as an inspiration to the athlete. It is a necessary factor in the promotion of athletic conditions. Some colleges are
without this characteristic of a progressive school, and, as a result, lack athletic
teams able to compete with their rivals. Where this is the case the growth of the college
is considerably retarded. Today we feel the need of sports and games to prepare us
physically for the successful pursuit of studies, and we know from statistics that the
college athlete is very often the leader in his class. We see then why we should be
truly loyal to our athletic men and athletics, and why we should make an effort to
show that we fully appreciate their achievements.
What an impressive spectacle it is to witness, on the approach of some important
gridiron battle, the great outbursts of enthusiasm shown by the student body of some
colleges! When the day for the contest arrives, how their blood curdles when their
team is on the bottom, and how a thrill is sent through them when their team is
playing brilliantly, stirred on by their yelling and cheering words of encouragement!
But how are we to obtain this feeling of loyalty? Nothing at all can be done
towards its development where the students are prone to "knocking." This spirit does
more than anything else to destroy the sucess of athletics. It practically kills the
player's nerves, and causes him to lost his confidence when he realizes that there are
men on the side lines who are "knocking" him. We may have some little personal differences with a certain man on the 'Varsity team, but, when he is on the field, fighting for the glory of our college, we should place this aside and "pull" for him just
the same as for the others. We must never permit some little interest of ours to be
an obstacle to the progress of our college team.
The spirit at St. Ambrose is good. She has been making wonderful strides forward in the last few years, until now she is recognized well up among the first in
athletics with the best minor college of Iowa and Illinois.
The fighting spirit of the 'Varsity athletes is the kind that wins, and if the
student spirit continues to be what it is, we may expect our records to show even
more laurels and victories. We can find numerous examples where a college possesses
a fine outlay of athletic material but their teams are non-successful, and the cause, in
most cases, has been due to the fact that their playing was not appreciated by the
students and backers of that college, and this very lack of devotion and enthusiasm
caused them to lose interest in their games.




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