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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


In concluding our brief sketch of the season's work, we say to the noble defenders
of the Blue and White, "Well Done! Loyal and true have you been, and may your
successes be a source of inspiration for future victories!"
Lest we forget. A word of appreciation of the good work done by the Rooters
and Alumni, who so loyally supported the team. Theirs was a continued manifestation of enthusiasm, which contributed much to our success. May this expression of interest and good will grow with each succeeding year!
At the Annual Football Banquet, the "A" football men unanimously elected Ed.
Morrissey as Captain for the coming year. "Big Ed.," the star full-back, may be
counted on to lead the Blue and White to many victories. His choice is an excellent
one, and met with the approval of the faculty and the entire student body.
Too much praise cannot be given to the Academic team for the large part they
had in perfecting the College team. Night after night they withstood the onslaught
of the Regulars with true Spartan spirit. No doubt several of these will be called upon
to fill vacancies on next year's squad.
Date. Place. Score.
Sep. 28 Aledo, Ill. St. Ambrose, 0; W. & V., 24.
Oct. 5 Clinton St. Ambrose, 18; Clinton, 7.
Oct. 12 Davenp't Hedding Coll. (Cancelled).
Oct. 19 Davenp't St. Ambrose, 9; Iowa Wesleyan 6.
Nov. 2 Davenp't St. Ambrose, 95; Tri-City Indp., 0.
Nov. 9 Davenp't St. Ambrose, 21; Dixon College, 6.
Nov. 16 Davenp't St. Ambrose, 7; Cornell Resv., 6.
Nov. 28 Dubuque St. Ambrose, 7; St. Jos. Coll., 7.
Total--St. Ambrose 157. Opponents 56.
Positions of Players
Full-back—Morrissey Kennedy.
Left Half-back—Haley.
Right Half-back—Portel, Kennedy.
Quarter-back—Hynes Portel.
Center—Fitzpatrick, Dowd.
Left Guard—Michalek.
Right Guard—Flattery.
Left Tackle—Crowley, Sies, Cavanaugh.
Right Tackle—Montgomery, Morrissey.
Left End—McGinnis.
Right End—Baxter.
Subs—Schmidt, O'Malley, Brannen, Evans.




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