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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


The defeat administered by the Aledo eleven stung the boys into action. There were
evidences of a new determination and more spirit, when, a week later, they journeyed
North to line up against the Clinton High School team. The Collegians proved to
be too strong for their lighter opponents, and the final count read 18 to 7. Clinton
caught our boys napping in the last few minutes of play, and forward passed the ball
over the goal line for a touch-down. Our Coach took advantage of this practice game
to try out the new material, which accounts for the low score.
The Hedding College game being cancelled, the next scheduled game was with
Iowa Wesleyan College. Owing to the fact that they held the championship of the
Minor Colleges the previous year, the game was looked forward to with intense interest. Mount Pleasant's advantage in weight and experience caused the Ambrosians
some apprehension as to the outcome; but the lusty cheer and song of the rooters
and the fighting determination of the Blue and White overcame this, and when the
dust of the battle had cleared away, the Ambrosians were celebrating a 9 to 6 victory.
The game was an intense battle throughout. Capt. Portel and our star end, Michalek,
were taken from the game on account of injuries. Wesleyan could get no closer than
thirty yards of the College goal, but from here Tallman, their drop-kicker, twice booted
the ball between the uprights. McGinnis of St. Ambrose went over the line in the first
quarter for a touch-down, but Kennedy failed at goal. In the fourth quarter the game
was tied until Kennedy scored three points on a drop-kick. Every defender of the Blue
and White showed brilliant flashes of form. Morrissey, the speedy tackle, Captain
Portel, at right-half, and Haley, at left, especially starred in this game.
On November 2nd, the College played the Tri-City Independents on the local gridiron, and swamped them by the score of 95 to 0. The clever formations played havoc
with the enemy's line, and the successful passes added to the confusion of the Ex-Stars.
Haley featured for the Collegians in making eight touch-downs. Kennedy scored 11
goals in 14 chances.
The following Saturday Dixon College appeared on the local field. This fast squad
had to its credit an unbroken record of victories, having defeated among others St.
Viator's, Loyola, DeKalb, and the Chicago Veterinaries. They were especially anxious
to prevail over St. Ambrose, since they had gone down to defeat before our huskies
a year ago. Though over-topping our average weight by nearly ten pounds, they
proved no match for the wily Ambrosians. Twenty to six was the final count. It was
in this game that Coach McManus rearranged his back field, and the wisdom of his
course was manifest in the succeeding games. Morrissey was taken from the line and
placed at full-back, with Kennedy and Haley supporting him on left and right. Capt.
Portel now directed the movements of the team from the quarter-back position.
The last game of the season on the local grounds was a battle royal
against the Cornell Reserves. This team, though nominally a Freshmen aggregation,
was all but equal to the 'Varsity eleven. They had weight and experience to their credit,
and their appearance on the field did not inspire us with confidence. Our boys,




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