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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Michael F. Haley
"Mike" captained last year's team. He excels in all
branches of athletics, and won the position of full-back on
the Tri-City eleven for two years, as well as guard on the
Tri-City Basketball team. His ability to smash the line
and his football speed belong to him alone. "Mike" is the
hardest man on the team to tackle, mainly on account of
his ability to dodge and his use of the stiff arm.
Edward Morrissey (Captain-Elect)
"Scoop" is a man of exceptional "brawn," but very
active on the gridiron and in the "gym." He is the most
popular man on the team. He played at tackle for two
years, and at full-back this year, and is one of the most
valued men on the team. He is good at breaking up plays,
and at offense is a stone wall. Under his leadership
St. Ambrose should do wonders on the gridiron next year.




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