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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Base Ball.
The victories of the Baseball team of the season of
1912 will be recorded in the Athletic annals of St.
Ambrose as among the most brilliant of her history.
Much of the club's success was due to the ability and
strenuous work of Coach Walt Davis. His efforts in developing the squad last season were greatly assisted by
the enthusiasm of Captain Hynes, and the keen rivalry
among the twenty-five new candidates and the veterans
of 1911 for positions.
In whipping a team into shape Coach Davis and
Father O'Neill arranged for two practice games a
week with the strong Davenport Elks and Smoke House
teams. The practice and confidence gained in these
contests contributed greatly to our success in Inter-
Collegiate games later.
The first Inter-Collegiate game was played at Aledo,
Illinois, with the fast team of William & Vashti College.
The battery for St. Ambrose was Fitzpatrick and Kennedy. Fitz was in superb form, and by fanning nine
men, and by keeping the few hits well scattered, defeated his opponents by the decisive score of 7 to 1. The backstop work of Kennedy, a brother of Chappie, who will
be remembered as a former athletic star, was the feature of the game. Tom also
boosted his batting average by three hits Fitz's work with the stick also contributed
greatly to the success of the Ambrosians, registering two hits. The fielding of Portel
and Crowley was of the athletic order.
In the next contest, played with the Davenport Three-I club, the College team suffered a nominal defeat. The hard hitting of the leaguers and the ragged support given
Hughes in the first inning resulted in seven runs for the Davenport leaguers. The
Collegians, however, tightened up after the disastrous first, and for the remainder of
the game held the Pretzels to eight runs and scored two. Fitz, succeeding Hughes,
pitched but three innings, but in these he was in his usual good form, allowing but two
hits and fanning three men. The fielding on the whole was erratic and loose. Captain
Hynes secured two of the seven hits accredited to S. A. C.
Our boys next met their rivals, Dixon College, at Davenport, and defeated them
in a slug-fest by the score of 19 to 11. Fitz was again on the mound for S. A. C,
and struck out ten men. This contest was characterized by heavy hitting on both sides.
The batting of Bryan, Kennedy, McGinnis and Hynes for St. Ambrose, and of Raffles,
Krum and Kieman for Dixon were features. Mgr. Brown drove out the longest possible hit and gracefully rambled around the circuit.




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