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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


William Hynes
"Billy" is one of the speediest athletes
the College has ever produced. He has played
an important part in the St. Ambrose Football team, and in his managing of the 1913
Basketball team. Like his brother, "Jack,"
a former star, he is small in stature, but
his agility and mental alertness have enabled
him to hold his own against heavier opponents.
The Baseball nine, under his direction,
closed one of its most successful seasons.
His playing at quarter-back was a special
feature of the College Football team for two
years. During the season of 1911, he held
down third base, but this year he captained
the team from second. "Billy," being a
Junior this year, has yet another year to
play under the Blue and White.
Arthur C. Brown
"Doc" is a resident of Council Bluffs. He has been
an important member of the College Football, Basketball and Baseball teams for two years, winning his "A"
in Baseball teams two different times, and in Basketball and Football three times, as well as having the distinction of being the Captain of the first Basketball team
that ever represented St. Ambrose College.
His work at first base contributed to the success of
the Baseball team. "Art" made .260 with the stick and
hung up the only four-sacker of the season. The
Rooters wish him as much success in managing the affairs of life as he had in managing the St. Ambrose
Baseball nine.




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