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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


time on the diamond. By dint of diligent study and constant practice, we were able to
put up a pretty fair article of scientific baseball as early as the summer of 1892. During this and the following two years, we amply wiped out the disgrace of many ignominous defeats suffered by the college team in former years. The team did not
reach the highest point of its efficiency till the summer of 1895. Here is the line-up as I recall it now: J. Walsh, 3rd b.; J. Gillespie, 2nd b. and c. f.; C. J. Donohoe, 1st b.; J. Condon, c.; M. Miles, p.; M. Loftus, 1. f.; H. Brennan, s. s.; T. Breheney, c. f. and
c; James Russell, c. f.; John Russell, sub.; John Heffernan, sub.; B. Flaherty, pinch hitter.
How this team would compare with the present college team I don't know, but I do know that it was the best team that St. Ambrose College ever had up to that time, and that it had no equal among amateur teams of the Tri-Cities. Its fielding was clever, its batting terrific. All pitchers, amateurs, semi-pros and bush leaguers, looked alike to them. To the old students and to patrons of the games, I feel sure that the achievements of the team of '95 form some of the happiest memories of the "Good Old Days." "HAS BEEN."




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