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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


Here in Davenport we have scores of them, prominent in banking, commercial and professional life, in offices of public and private trust, citizens of upright life, a credit to their church and their state. Of alumni from outside the city, I have heard similar recital.
Sound Christian education never has impeded, and never will impede, any Catholic layman in the pursuit of success in lines of temporal endeavor. The record of the students of today will likewise attest it. Hence my advice to the Catholic parents of
Iowa and its neighboring states is, and I speak now after thirty years of personal observation, send your sons to institutions like St. Ambrose College, where every element of secular education is thoroughly imparted, and in addition that pre-eminent element of moral training, which fortifies intellectuality with spirituality, not only enabling the mortal to attain a happy immortality, but to see in every man a brother by divine adoption and thereby cultivate the ideal of true fraternity, which is the real key to success in every line of human endeavor, for success depends on mutual aid and esteem, which moral worth alone can rightly foster.
As a pioneer professor of 1882-1891, I rejoice over the notable work St. Ambrose
College has done and is doing for sound Christian education and loyal American citizenship, and trust the Catholic laity will ever show their appreciation of that work by
steadfast, earnest and active support. JOSEPH E. HALLIGAN.
November :—
9th. S. A. C, 21; Dixon, 6; "Racer" proves to be a "hero!"
13th. Big Soap Sale at Woolworth's.
17th. Dr. Walsh discusses "Biology in the Home!"
19th. First rehearsal of "Facing the Music!" New cast brought from the Dramatic
20th. G. R. found in Martin's. Papers printed all the details.
22nd. Burke was not with Skelley; D. Murphy was not "studying;" Cash was not
24th. Mitchell actually put in some real coal.
25th. "Mostly" refused to fall for Morrisey's line of talk. "Big Ed" heart-broken.
Fr. O'Reilly lectures on Germany, using "native specimens!"
26th. Rump now receives letters every day.
27th. New Books by New Authors: L. Murphy, "Radiators and Radiation;" M. Harrington, "Happy Reminiscences of College Trips."
28th. S. A. C, 7; St. Joseph's, 7.
29th. Et sequentes: Exams. "Crib, cribere, cribbing, caught."




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