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1913 Yearbook

1913 Yearbook


1913 Yearbook


the alumni as to such an organization. Then active steps must be taken toward the formation of an association. The proper time for the organizing of the alumni would be in June, and, as the commencement exercises at St. Ambrose are confined to one day, time could be found on that day for a business meeting, election of officers, and the settling of the limits and scope of the association. This business meeting should then become an annual affair, at which new members would be admitted and other business transacted. Then we must not omit the alumni dinner on the evening of Commencement Day. The dinner itself would be the smallest part of the inducement; the loyalty and
fellowship is the attraction. I once heard a university man say that he would be willing to miss any directors' meeting to go to his annual alumni dinner. The alumnus on that evening will turn back the veil of years and will once more view the old scenes
as a student. Around the board will be men who have gained joy, strength and inspiration from the old school, whose characters have been moulded, not so much by books and reading as by the friendship of devoted teachers whose examples reflected the
perfection of Christian character.
The alumni association furnishes a means for direct influence reaching out from the college to each former student or gradute of the institution. The alumni in their associated capacity not only will foster loyalty, but will give an active encouragement toward developing and supporting their Alma Mater. Thus far the individual efforts of the alumni have indeed been pleasing, but greater and more effective results can be obtained by a concerted attempt. It is clearly for the best interests of the college that
the alumni should have some participation in its progress and development. This relation should be fruitful and wise, not a sentimental attempt to regulate college affairs, which would merely hamper the authorities rather than assist them in their good work.
The St. Ambrose College Alumni Association is not far distant. Let every alumnus assist the movement with his active support. Not only will such an association help St. Ambrose from the point of learning and athletics, but it will add a great impetus to the cause of Catholic education. It will give the school greater influence in educational circles, promote greater loyalty among graduates and unite them for more effective action—in all, lead to a greater and better St. Ambrose.
JOHN F. HYNES—Classical, '11.
1st. Annual Apple Feast. Two lectures by Dr. Ryan of St. Paul, Minn.
4th. Scandalous! Buff smokes!
6th. Holtz gives a dissertation on "The Successful Man!"
7th. Sad news from Baltimore. Beauty hurt his arm.
8th. Rules re-read. Vogt offers his stove for sale.




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