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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


1-Joe Schmidt bequeaths his Cicero and Sallust "ponies" to Whalen and Tar-
2-Big apple scramble at 4:15. About 7:30 Mell Morrin reports that he is not
feeling well.
3-Report is out that Belle Fink's laundry burnt last night. And I sent a lot
this time. Horrors! the day-dodgers actually get us a free-day.
4-Extra—It is rumored that the laundry did not burn after all. Pin-head Pete
receives a cake, gee! that was good.
5-Foot-ball coach fired. Count de Luxe makes his appearance at class.
6-Fr. Takkenberg reports that he expects to hear Arlington, Va., from his new
station tonight. Tarrant and Whalen's "pony" farm raided by night prowlers.
7-Ben. McConville and Al. Cone stage a comedy on the second floor which the
M. D. decides was too mushy and gives them their first "ride" on the "boulevard."
8-"Bill" Schmidt entertains us with an original story. You got to hand it to
Bill for originality.
9-Dr. Walsh entertains a large audience with a lecture on Roger Bacon. The
Doctor is as interesting as ever.
12-We had a dance in the "gym" tonight. It was so successful that the committee has plans for another in the near future.
13-Fr. O'Neill intercedes in our behalf and gets us a free-day. Unknown sleepwalker frightens Pin-head.
14-Unknown sleep-walker takes another stroll through the fourth floor dormitories.
15-In a debate today John Kenny becomes excited and says: "Well, when barons were barons, they were barons and not kings."
16-Clarence Whelan awakens "Bob" Cullinan at 12 A. M. and asked him for a
piece of ice to warm his feet.
17-Dr. "Dutch" Wagner informs us that he has just received a fresh supply of
Pluto and that he will be pleased to give samples to all who apply to his
office, 3rd Avenue and Wisdom Row.




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