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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Ac's '16. The largest and most widely
known class at S. A. C. Famous for
the high degree of erudition (?) they
have attained, piloted by Fathers Barry
and Hannon.
Aggy. A typical St. Ambrose freshman.
Name applied to those who sojourn with
us during the time between corn-husking and spring plowing.
Bonehead. An unsanctioned English word
of Anglo-Saxon derivation. Metaphorically speaking it ascribes "denseness"
to whomsoever it is applied.
Boob. Name applied unscrupulously to
an undesirable personage who promenades where his presence brings displeasure.
Bookstore. An establishment famous for
two reasons; first, because at its counter many students relieve themselves of
their pecuniary effects; secondly, because it is the rendesvous of those pioneers at St. Ambrose wno have, arbitrarily, the name of "Philosophers."
Boulevard. A public highway in a conspicuous place, compulsorily used by
the unfortunate delinquents, who are
there given the opportunity of advantageously meditating upon their own
acts of petty criminality and their conduct in the future.
Campus. (L. Campus Sanguinis). An
open field between the back fence and
the grand-stand. Noted for its mud,
baseball games and accidents.
Date. A crime against the Ambrosian
code of laws, justifiable under no conditions. (For further enlightenment
interrogate J. S.)
Day-dogs. The appelation applied to those
who are favored by nature in having
their homes in the Tri-Cities.
Diploma. A hard earned fragment of paper delineating a successful attempt at
appreciation of omniverous classic productions.
Hash. Obsolete.
Handball Alley. A building ostensibly
appropriated for the mutual enjoyment
of students, some of whom go so far as
to dedicate it as a smoker.
Infirmary. A place where persons having
100 degrees or more of fever are admitted. Two kinds of medicine suffice
for all diseases. One of these is for internal work and bears the name of the
god "Pluto," the other is a hyperderm-
ical one and contents itself with the simple appellation "Salve."
Jane. Terminology invariably used in
lieu of damsel.
Jug-room. A room advantageously situated overlooking the campus, compulsorily occupied during the free time by
those concentrating their attention on
nonsense and foolishness.
Poolroom. A place of amusement, much
frequented by the "Aggies" who think
it makes them appear thorough college-
Raiding. A depredation and confiscation
of ponies, which are unsanctioned by
Ambrosian jurisprudence.
Sixty-nine. An embarrassing hieroglyphic
which blots some reports. The discriminating mark of the bone-heads.
Stately Oaks. (Consult your catalogue.)
Spuds. A non-nitrogenous carbohydrate,
used extensively and with relish when
thoroughly cooked.
Track. A cinder path. An orbit on
which the students rotate after breakfast.
Ventilation. A dispensible exigency at St.
Ambrose. A fructiferous preventive of
Waiters. The bread-butchers, pie-slingers
and coffee-spillers at S. A. C. They always have plenty of time and cannot be
rushed; in case they care to wrestle or
fight or walk or read, they neglect to
wait on the waiting.
Wisdom-row. An exceedingly attractive
portion of the College, beautifully arranged and preserved.




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