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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


9-Opening day at S. A. C. Freshies shown sights of town in afternoon and
some go so far as to visit movies.
10-Registration continues. Seniors as yet not accustomed to their new dignity.
Many new faces seen on the campus.
11-First day of class, scramble for the rear seats, old students appear to have
12-First Saturday. Nearly all students go down town—evidently no "blacklist"
as yet.
13-First Sunday. Father Shannahan gives talk on Home-sickness in Chapel.
All the same, "be it ever so humble there is no place like home."
14-Seats assigned at table and in chapel. Buckley goes after keys for Roller-
skating rink.
15-First free-day. Dick Lee sprains ankle playing base-ball. Taken to Mercy.
16-"Dopey" Birkenbeuhl snores in his sleep; some music, believe me.
17-Buckley pays a visit to his sister at I. C. A. He seems a friendly sort of a
19-Months mind of Pope Pius X. Solemn Requiem High-mass in chapel. Rev.
C. J. Donohoe, former vice-president of college and president of Alumni,
20-Tom. Wolfe tries to catch swift ball bare-handed and is laid up in the infirmary.
21-Dick Lee returns from hospital and reports that he is much pleased at the
service rendered him there.
22-Student pays a visit to I. C. A. and on return makes remark: "It is certainly
some place, to say nothing of its inhabitants."
24-"Fat" Tumpane reports for foot-ball practice on Academic team.
25-"Hungry" Whalen complains of "charlie horse." It is claimed he overheard
some one say that the eats in the Infirmary were better than those in the refectory. Some class to "Hungry."
27-Dick Lee organizes squad for military drill. Fred Schnoebelin is lieutenant.
Canning season starts.
28-Mr. Rand takes charge of the foot-ball squad.
29-By strong arguments we get a free-day.
30-President reports that he has evidence of many violations of the smoking




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