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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Baseball Season of 1914 THE SEASON opened with five of last year's men on the field and a good supply of raw material to fill in the vacancies. Spring practice began on March 30, and the first game was scheduled for April 29, so that the Team had about a month to get into shape.
The Team put up some of the best baseball that a representative Team ever put up, but they lost nearly all their games by the mere margin of a point. This was due not so much to the lack of real baseball, as to just a few breaks of baseball luck which
turns the tide in favour of a Team in more than one instance.
A 12-1 score was a dismal opening of the season's play, with our President
Rev. W. P. Shannahan, tossing the first ball, the College Band contributing the
music, and the Rooters' Club giving the Team most loyal support. Coach Davis
injected new life into his dejected recruits for the Dubuque game on May 2. The
up-river air seemed to put real "pep" in the boys and they played somewhere
near their real form. "Shanks" Lew let the opposition down with four hits but
they were timely and scored as many runs. The Ambrosians gathered six bin-
gles from the offerings of Hileman but failed to connect when hits meant runs.
The Team in general put up a strong game and Coach Davis was pleased with the
improvement. The return game on the home grounds, May 7 was the classiest
of the year and revived hope in the local rooters. It was a battle royal, with Lew
and Hileaman again the opposing slabbers. Both men were so effective that no
score was chalked until the eighth inning when the Dubuquers did it twice, getting away with a 2-0 victory. The next game was with the Alumni. The old-timers had called in some splendid material but being out of form, they gave way to
the Varsity by the score of 10-5. Then came the famous 17 inning tilt with the




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