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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Music at S. A. C.
THE STUDY of music in the College dates back to its earliest
days. St. Ambrose has always attracted much attention on account of the high standard of her musical organizations. At
the present time its enrollment numbers with five departments:
piano, cornet, violin, vocal and harmony. The Band, Choir, Orchestra, Glee Club and Quartette give evidence of the excellent
training offered to the earnest student who is desirous of
achieving a good musical education. These musical organizations, besides furnishing much profit and pleasure to the members, have entertained large audiences with delightful numbers at the numerous programmes, plays and lectures presented during the year in the College Auditorium. In addition to the
programmes given by the musical clubs, the students are encouraged in improving their taste for good music by attending operas and the recitals of musical
It is impossible to mention the musical activities of St. Ambrose without
mentioning its superintendent, as the two are, indeed, one, and whatever has been
accomplished by these organizations is entirely due to the ability, intelligence and
energy of its highly-esteemed head, Rev. C. H. Meinberg.
Rev. C. H. Meinberg, from the time he first came to St. Ambrose, took a
prominent part in the musical activities of the institution. He studied the piano,
organ and cornet along with his college course. Beginning as a member of the
Choir, Orchestra and Band, the last year of his course witnessed him filling with
great credit the position of student leader of the College Orchestra and Band.
We were very much pleased when we found upon returning last September
that Father Meinberg was given full charge of the Musical Department of the
College. Besides superintending the different musical organizations, he also
takes charge of the piano students—a great advantage for them to have their
professor always in close touch with them. Father Meinberg is a most faithful
worker, and his deep interest in St. Ambrose and her students has been clearly
manifested by his willing sacrifice of time and assistance so graciously rendered.




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