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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Commencement. There is no day in the whole College Calendar that is looked forward to
with more pleasure and expectation than commencement day. "Finis coronat
opus." Like a general who has gained a much coveted and advantageous position,
the graduate looks back with pride to the difficulties overcome and feels generously repaid for long hours of diligent application. He now enters a broader field of operation. He realizes that his college has a right to point to him as
an example of her training. He anticipates the loss of class companionship and
the encouragement of his professors. All which make commencement a memorable occasion.
The following, quoted from the Catholic Messenger of June 11, 1914, gives a resume of our last year's commencement exercises:
St. Ambrose College graduated six young men with the degree of B. A. and
nineteen from the academic department Wednesday evening, June 10, 1914. It
was the 32nd annual commencement exercises and was greeted by a large audience which filled the auditorium and heartily applauded every performer and gave an affectionately enthusiastic greeting to the Rt. Rev. Bishop and the
speaker of the evening, Very Rev. F. X. McCabe, the president of De Paul university.
St. Ambrose college is the diocessan institution of Davenport, and every year
hundreds of young men go out from its doors to take their places in every walk of
life, and through them the name and fame of the college has been sent broadcast.
Students from Ohio and Dakota crowd her ranks as well as the thousands from
Iowa and the Middle-west states who are annually upon the roster — priests,
judges, attorneys, physicians and journalists are counted in the professional world
and every trade has its representative among the aulmni of St. Ambrose.
Following the opening number by the college band, Mr. Charles Toynbee delivered the salutatory, a welcome to all who honored the college by their presence and a sincere expression of the appreciation for the privileges which they hadenjoyed as students of St. Ambrose.
Mr. Toynbee was selected to voice these sentiments because of class honors
won not only in graduation year, but through successive years of constant application of study. Not a commencement since he entered there, but has found him a winner of scholarship and good conduct prizes.
The College Glee club charmed the audience by their numbers, and they were
followed by Mr. John J. Cash of Holbrook, as valedictorian. The sentiments expressed were lofty and inspirational and voiced the high ideals inculcated by the reverend faculty of St. Ambrose College. They were heartily applauded and referred to frequently during the remarks of the Bishop and the address of the
Very Rev. F. X. McCabe.




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