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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


The Elocution Contests. Among the many interesting events that take place each year at the College
there are two that attract special attention and draw large crowds from the tri-
cities to the College Auditorium. These are the Junior and Senior Elocution Contests held annually some time during May. Entrance in the Junior Contest is
confined to the members of the under classes, while the upper class men alone are
eligible to enter the Senior Contest. Some weeks before each contest a preliminary is held; any one eligible for the final contest is allowed to enter this, and fromamong the contestants six to eight of the best are chosen and allowed to contest for the prize.
The following, taken from the Catholic Messenger of June 4, 1914, gives an
account of last year's Senior Contest:
Last Friday evening six of the Senior students of St. Ambrose College entered the twenty-third annual contest for the elocution medal donated each year by Rt. Rev. James Davis, Bishop of Davenport.
A very fine program was given in the judgment of many of the auditors, it
was the best ever presented in St. Ambrose auditorium.
The judges, Rev. Clement P. O'Neil of Rock Island, Rev. Henry Knebel of
Tipton and Mr. George W. Scott, late mayor of Davenport, found it difficult to
decide the winners, so close were the contestants on points, but first place was finally awarded to Edward G. Rump of Fort Madison and second honors to David D.
Klise of Menlo, Iowa.
The complete program was as follows:
"Social Session"—A. M. Laurens, College Band.
"Gordon's Reprieve," adapted—David D. Klise, Menlo, Iowa.
"Lance of Kanana," French—Chas. M. Toynbee.
"Jean Valjean," Victor Hugo—Edward G. Rump, Fort Madison.
Selection—College Orchestra.
Laddie," adapted—Mell G. Morrin.
"The Lost Word," Van Dyke—Hugh E. Frazier.
Trial of Ben Thomas," Edwards—William J. Gerwe.
Decision of Judges.
National Airs—College Glee Club.
March—College Orchestra.




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