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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Dramatics. WITHIN the last few years the Dramatic Society in the College has
been rapidly winning the admiration and congratulations of admirers. Each year, under the coaching of Father Stahl, this
society presents to the public a number of plays which display
considerable excellence in histrionic talent. Besides these regular dramatic productions, there are also prepared for the student
body alone, a number of vaudeville performances which are very
amusing and for which there is always an encouraging demand. Under the direction of Father Hauber, the Bonafacius Verein puts on its annual German comedy,
which is always a "scream." The clever acting of the German comedians and the
comical situations involved afford large amusement to the student body.
At present the Dramatic Society is being coached for the presentation of
"The Fortune Hunter," which will be staged June 7. The best available talent
has been procured and a grand success is expected. The Catholic Messenger, of
June 11, 1914, gives the following account of last year's class play:
"Every friend of St. Ambrose College should have attended the class play
given by the Seniors on last Monday. Many hearty laughs, an enjoyable evening,
and a feeling of real pleasure and pride in the capabilities of the students as comedy performers would have been experienced and well repaid one for the effort of
bestirring oneself on so humidly uncomfortable a night.
"The star performers were easily Leo Kerrigan, in the title role, The Hon.
Mr. Waldron, Secretary,' and Charles McDonnell, as 'Mr. Patterson Cattermole,'
the uncle, who was particularly aggrieved to discover a pseudo nephew in a young
man who wore goloshes and drank milk.
"Every other part was also well taken; Hugh Frazier made an acceptable
'darky' butler, and the nephews, William Hynes and Edward Rump, graceless
young college vagabonds, seemed perfectly natural in the characters assigned them.
"The presentation was good, the stage setting attractive, and the music of
the college band and orchestra, always capably given, completed the fine program."




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