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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


The Manning Society AMONG THE several organizations devoted to the art of debating
and other kinds of public speaking, among the students, there
is none so beneficial to its members as the Manning Society.
Its membership is restricted to the students of the philosophy
classes and it has for its paramount object the development of
extemporaneous speaking and forensic oratory.
In the present time men are called upon very often in public to express their opinion on certain questions and it is the purpose of the society to prepare its members to cope with such situations. The practice each
member gets in discussing questions in the meetings of the society trains him in
the fluent use of language and develops his ability to express his ideas vividly
and coherently when called upon to do so. The society in choosing subjects for
discussing selects the more important social, economic, and political questions of
the day in order to bring them before the minds of the members. These discussions take the form of a debate and each member in turn is given an opportunity
to express his views and his reasons for holding them, and thus not only does
the society develop the ability of its members in extemporaneous speaking, but
also brings before the students' minds the great problems that are facing the
people of the country today, which some of the members, no doubt, will be called
upon some time to solve.




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