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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


St. Ambrose Literary Society. THE ST. AMBROSE Literary Society is composed of the Commercial and lower English classes. Its aim is to encourage and
develop a love for intellectual discernment, and to furnish its
members with a desire for precise and accurate style in English
narration and dissertation.
This organization was at one time affiliated with the St.
Thomas Literary Society, but owing to the increase in the number of students at
St. Ambrose and the increased demand for another society, it was decided to make
a division and as a result the St. Ambrose Literary Society was formed.
Weekly meetings are held on Sunday evenings, at which time a program is
usually presented by some of the members chosen for that evening; these programs consist of original stories, prophecies, essays, declamations and an occasional debate. The value of a vocabulary and the benefits of careful and continued
reading are thoroughly impressed upon its members, while at the same time entertainment is furnished for the students.
The year 1914-15 has been a most prosperous one and its enrollment has surpassed that of any previous year. The interest taken in the work has been very
gratifying and every effort is being made to make each year a better year in the
society. A great part of the past year's success is due to the keen management
of Clement Bireline, the president; John Healy, the vice president, and William
Schmitz, the secretary.
Through the careful coaching of Father Adrian, its censor, and through his
untiring efforts, many interesting programs were prepared and presented to the
student body. The regular Sunday evening programs were occasionally interspersed with balopticon views and illustrated talks on highly interesting topics.
Every third Sunday was given over to a joint meeting of all the societies in the
College Auditorium, at which meetings each society in turn presented a program.
That of the St. Ambrose Society this year took the form of a comic farce, supplemented by inspiring music and song. That this society can boast of a comedian
of no mean ability, as well as talent in other literary and musical lines, was clearly proven in its presentation of the "Persecuted Dutchman" and the astounding
renditions of its Glee Club. They were the hit of the year and, during the whole
performance, the audience was kept in a a uproar.
The efficiency with which the St. Ambrose Literary Society trains its members is attested by its record in public speaking. Each year a Junior Elocution
Contest is given before the public, and, among the contestants are always to be
found some who got their first lessons in public speaking in this society. Great
interest and rivalry are displayed at the approach of the preliminaries and it is
considered a great honor even to be able to speak in this contest, and the winner
of the coveted prize is a much envied boy. JOHN HEALY Ac '18




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803