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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


St. Thomas Literary Society
ONE OF THE most prominent and interesting societies in the College is the St. Thomas Literary Society. Being composed of the
advanced Rhetoric classes, it is chiefly concerned with the higher
and more elaborate forms of English narrative, and its members
are given an opportunity of expressing their talent in the imaginative and deliberative line. Of the many societies in the
school this is the best for varieties; debates, essays, original
stories, poems, one-act comedies, and so on, have a place in this organization.
Through the careful coaching of its censor, Father Lawler, the student soon cultivates a taste for the more forcible and finer expressions of the English idiom.
Its members have, for the past number of years, won the gold medal awarded
in the senior elocution contest, and in the Loras Council, K. of C, contest for the
prize historical essay this society has frequently won first place. In the dramatic
productions at the college, the St. Thomas Literary Society always had a large
representation and it is with pride that it can boast of some of the best talent in
the school.
The past year's work in this department has been unusual in many respects.
The enrollment has been larger than in previous years and a greater number have
been benefited by the growth in fluency of expression which the student gradually acquires. Meetings are held every Sunday, and once a month a special program is prepared and presented before the whole student body. These programs
usually comprise elocutionary and musical numbers, songs and dramatic presentations. The members of the other societies look forward with considerable interest to these programs, and the participants always do their utmost to please.
These entertainments give general satisfaction and do much to arouse interest in
the student body along literary lines.
With Anthony Jaeger, Thomas Wolfe, Harry Shields and John Whelen as its
officers and consulting board, it has been brought through a most successful year
and continues to accomplish the purpose for which it was organized. It is the
hope of every member that the St. Thomas Society may continue to hold its place
among the organizations of the college and keep up the good work which it has so
faithfully done during the past year.
THOS. L. WOLFE, Ac. '15.




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