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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


THE CHRYSOSTOMIAN Society has been organized in order to
give the members of the Collegiate department an opportunity
of perfecting themselves in oratorical delivery. Here are discussed with absolute freedom and with varying degrees of thoroughness many questions, both political and industrial. What
floods of immature oratory have been poured forth over the
questions debated! In addition, essays are prepared which contain many facts about the latest scientific discoveries.
Fierce denunciation and passionate defenses fly about the head of various
members in order to carry some point against the majority. These debates are
also a source of much research. In order to find one or two points which he may
present clearly, a member will spend considerable time reading up articles on the
subject. Having selected the points which he wishes to bring out he will submit
these to memory, often altering and improving them and wondering what will be
the effect of his statements on his hearers.
From such beginnings, if he has real oratorical ability, he will make steady
progress. Not only has the debating society brought out the genius and perfected
the talents of American orators, but by its free discussion there is developed in an
intelligent assembly of students the expression of that sturdy individualism which
is the birthright of every American.
In these debates even those who have no oratorical ability have learned to
look at the great questions of the present day fearlessly, from all sides, and have
come to appreciate the value of individual thought strongly expressed and independent words fitly spoken. And at the present time—the day of gigantic union
of workers and combination of wealth, it is upon just this individual thought and
upon the expression and acceptance that the preservation of our personal liberty
most depends. From the dawn of our Country's independence the American orator has done much toward preserving the Union, and so long as this continues will
endure not only the union of states, but the liberty of the people.
This society is presided over by a censor and this year the office was held by
Rev. F. J. Barry, under whose guidance the assembly is conducted. Besides the
censor the members elected two men, Lawrence J. Murphy and Mell G. Morrin, to
act as president and secretary, respectively. Until the present year the society
was known as the Senior Debating Society, but by the agreement of all this was
changed to the Chrysostomian Debating Society, in order that its members might
follow the excellent example set down by this Holy Patron. We sincerely hope
that the future members of this society will show the same zeal and earnestness which characterized the endeavors of the members during the past.




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