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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


RENOWN depends upon three things: past achievements; present
efforts; and plans for the future. The dayscholars at the college are aware of this when they sit up and want to be noticed.
The record of the St. Ambrose "Daydodgers," of the past is
an inspiration for all the "Dodgers." The places they occupied
on the field of athletics were right where the fight was thickest, right where they could use their strength and skill to the
best advantage of the S. A. C. teams. Every team that worked for a St. Ambrose
victory was proud to mention among its players at least one "Daydodger."
Their scholastic work never showed signs of being eclipsed by their brilliant
athletic efforts and they were always among the winners of prizes for school work.
The present "generation" of daydodgers at S. A. C. is following in the footsteps of
their predecessors and those footsteps are being made larger. Each new term at
S. A. C. sees a larger number of pupils in the day school. The picture of each athletic team shows a larger number of "daydodger" faces than the preceding one.
The general average for ability in studies becomes higher at the end of each succeeding term, and best of all, that spirit of loyalty to the Alma Mater, born in the
hearts of the first pupils of the day school, has never waned or lost in intensity,
but grows stronger each succeeding year.
This year, eleven students from Rock Island and Moline, and fifty-nine from
Davenport, form the largest body of "dodgers" ever at S. A. C. During the past
five years, the names of no less than forty-three "daydodgers" appear in the line-
ups-ef the football, basketball, and baseball teams. During the same time thirty-
five dayscholars took part in the various college entertainments and plays.
In the elocution contests of the First Elocution Class, twelve dayscholars
have competed for the S. A. C. Gold Medal, and three times in those last five
years, a dayscholar was awarded the medal. Aside from the Elocution Medals,
the daydodgers have been busy winning fifteen other prizes for scholastic work.
Dayscholars were the occupants of three out of five places on the roll of honor in
June, 1914. Their determination to better the records of their predecessors has
proven an incentive to magnificent work, and their standard will not be lowered.
For the future, only the brightest hopes can be held, because the number left
after graduation in June, will prove a strong backbane for the body of another
class of illustrious dayscholars.




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