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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


THE COMMERCIAL Department at the College is under the direction of Rev. 0. J. McGuire. Among its graduates are men who
have achieved remarkable success in business life. Some of the
very live members of the Davenport Commercial Club are members of our alumni.
From time to time the students of the Commercial Course
print a paper containing latest news from the stock exchanges and many interesting school times.
We take the following from the "Who's Who in the Commercial Hall" column:
Fred Schnoeblen, 1892
Born at Riverside, Iowa, April, 1892. Not much is known of his early life till
he came to St. Ambrose in the fall of 1913. He did so well the first year that the
folks, wishing him to complete his education at St. Ambrose, bought Fred a private room, where he has spent most of his time since last September. "Dope,"
as he is familiarly known among the boys, has succeeded in mastering the intricacies of bookkeeping, and we predict for him commercial leadership in his own
Clement Bireline, 1897
"Clem" came down from Oxford, Iowa in the fall of 1911. He didn't bring
any baggage along, as he only intended to remain long enough to send his Oxford
friends a few post cards. But, alas, he fell in love with his school at first sight
and wired home for his trunk. Industry and talent has won him a place at the
head of his class. As a football performer he makes touchdowns look easy. We
recommend "Clem" for any responsible position in the financial world.
Lawrence Doyle, 1896
"Jew" came in from Duck Creek to get all he could absorb in the way of commercial training. From the beginning the class was impressed by the seriousness of the young man. Others might be frivolous at times, but "Jew" worked
right on, always conscious of serious responsibility. If seriousness and correctness and efficiency are desired, L. D. will soon be in a responsible position in life.




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