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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Senior Academic History
AS THE TIME approaches when we, the members of the Class of
1915 are to bid farewell to our Alma Mater, some of us, perhaps,
to return no more, it is fitting that we return in thought to our
early days at St. Ambrose College. The class that entered in
September, 1911, was so large that the master of studies divided
it into two sections. These two classes were joined in the following year. As Freshmen we may have been somewhat green,
but we soon put on the masks of college wisdom and became old heads. The class
was organized, with Fay Nagle as class president; class colors of purple and gold
were selected and monograms displaying these colors were secured. Raymond
McGrath, George Volz and Edward O'Connor entered the Junor Elocution contest. Peter Hahn, Rigobert Hellweg, Clement Kerrigan, Merle Skelley and Edward Wehr were prominent factors in Junior athletics and won positions for themselves, which they retained the two succeeding years.
The Sophomore year welcomed six new members, Edgar Hill, Robert Lena-
ghan, James Morrow and William Ryan from the Sacred Heart School, John Whe-
lan and Thomas Wolfe from Melrose, Iowa. Thomas Wolfe was chosen class president, with Thomas Cunningham as vice president. These two men were reelected
to these high offices for the next two years, a fact which clearly manifests their
great popularity with their classmates. Thomas Wolfe entered the Junior elocution contest, together with three men who had taken part in the previous year.
Edward Wehr received a prize for securing highest mark in Christian Doctrine.
The Junior year found the class diminished by a few, but the increased earnestness in study of those left made up for loss in numbers. Thomas Wolfe added
the Irish History prize to the honors already gained by the class; Thomas Cunningham distinguished himself in athletics by winning for himself a place on the
College baseball nine. He received his "A" accompanied by the congratulations
of his classmates.
In the Senior year, John Whelan and Edward Wehr were the two mainstays
of the College basket ball five. Edward Wehr was captain and prize basket tosser;
John Whelan, either at center or guard, was hard to beat. From all appearances,
the baseball team this spring will owe much of its success to the Class of 1915.
Thomas Cunningham, the fleet-footed center fielder of last year's team, will have
no competition, and the first corner will be looked after by one of our class.
In future years, when members of this class are holding responsible positions, they will proudly proclaim that they were educated at St. Ambrose College,
and, although they may be separated from one another by great distances, nevertheless they will still be bound by the ties which join the "Class of 1915."




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