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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Owing to the various circumstances, the large class that commenced the work
in the freshman year, did not remain to finish their collegiate course. Some left
to take up vocational work in other schools, while others secured employment and
did not return to school. In spite of these disappointments, the diminished class
contributed much to the prestige of St. Ambrose in the different organizations,
and were indespensible to the success of plays and entertainments. So it is with
pride that we return in fancy to those days of yore and live again those golden
hours, and after enumerating the many achievements thus far attained, it makes
us feel glad that we belonged to so noble a class, and our hope is — and we know
that it will be so—that each member will go out into life to fight its battle and
continue to add glory to his Alma Mater by the work in his respective state of
life. There will indeed be work for us to do, and in the hurry and scurry of life
we may at times forget, but only for a while, for when we meet one of our old college friends, the whole flood of memories will return. When we shall sit down to
talk over the old days, our thoughts will return to our old professors, and particularly to our devoted philosophy teacher, who labored so earnestly to instill in our
minds those metaphysical, moral, logical and ethical principles which appeared to
him so easy and to us so difficult, and then we shall say with the poet,
"Ah those were the happy days, those college days:
I ne'er shall see the like again."
C. A. B. VAN WAUS, '15.

Senior Class Poem
The time has come when we must part,
So let the last fond greetings
Be not with tears, nor e'en with cheers,
But hopes for future meetings.
Go, then, thy way and I go mine,
Apart, yet not afar,
But keep the closest friendship ties
'Till we have crossed the bar.
Through days of weal, through days of woe,
Where we be soever,
Let's hold our friendship firm and fast,
And ne'er let us it sever.
When we beyond the vale have passed,
On earth are found no more,
Let's seek and find our comrades there,
On that eternal shore.
Dear Alma Mater! Fare thee well,
And may we ever cherish
Kind thoughts of thee, for thou, all know,
Hast us with wisdom nourished.




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