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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


PERHAPS you are aware, kind reader, that in the preparation of
class histories, a large latitude is allowed to the imaginative fac-
ulties of the historian. A mere glance at other class histories
will at once convince you of the wisdom of this remark. We
confess that we never liked the old way, but because of our departure from it, we deem it better to apprise you that in the
preparation of the Senior Class History we have consulted only
original documents.
Now that our Colegiate studies are ended, it is well for us to look back and
see what they mean or have meant to us. I think each one of us will admit that
they might have meant more, and I dare venture to say what they will mean
to us. The time has come when we are to leave our "Alma Mater," but we shall
ever cherish a tender memory of her.
The signification of our class motto, "Non Scholae sed Vitae," comes to us
with a vividness that school days did not bring out. Apart from the ordinary
things done extraordinarily well, we, as a class, have many noteworthy achievements to record. Still, as is often and truly said, we might have accomplished
more. Even the most jealous may not dispute our claims for distinction in the
following lines of college activities:
In the literary and debating societies, through our initiative much that before had not been attempted was introduced and carried out successfully. In forensic battle many a telling blow was dealt to an antagonist by a trained warrior
from the Senior Class.
In dramatics, whether it was a German or an English play, we contributed
some of the leading performers. One of our class is a comedian of more than
ordinary ability; another, although not a German, has out-Germaned even the
In music, this heavenly art, our class was well represented in both instrumental and vocal. The band and orchestra were not without us.
In athletics, in football we made the downs; in basketball we furnished the
baskets; in baseball the campus still resounds with our victories. There was
even enjoyment in tennis, one of our class winning the pennant in the 1914 inter-
class meet. But greater than these are the ties of friendship that will be severed
only when we lay down life's burden.




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